Saturday, January 5, 2013

Personal 166

as salamu alaykum warahmatullaahi wabraktuuh, subhanAllaah where has the time gone? it's already 2013 and just yesterday I was thinking about how time moves so fast and pushes us with it yet we never seem to understand how fast it really makes our lives go! Anyhow I'd like to apologize for my hiatus from blogging but in'sha'Allah I shall be blogging as much as possible. I hope you all enjoy my new template layout for this blog, is it just me or does it look super techy? lol I guess that goes great with 2013 then...May Allah subhanaa wa ta'ala bless you all for visiting this page and May He increase us all in beneficial knowledge! ameeen & don't forget to leave a comment under the posts bithnillaah (that's if you want too?!?) stay smiling <3 p="p">

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