Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Personal 159

Sometimes stepping away from it all and just reflecting is needed in life, it goes way to fast subhanAllah. I pretty shocked that already midterms have come, I'm half way there to completing this year and alhamdulilah it feels great. Allah subhanah wa ta'ala has blessed me in so many different ways and I believe gaining an education is one of them. Many people take it for granted or just haven't been as privileged as myself to receive one. Gaining Islamic knowledge is amazing and the most important type of knowledge for this life and the next but along with that gaining education in school actually strenghtens my beliefs when it comes to learning different aspects of psychology, or history etc etc..even a sister mentioned how in one of her biology classes they were talking about bees and how they made food and lived their lives, she took this and compared it to what she read in Surah Nahl of the Quran and its just amazing how the Quran is filled with wisdom, this comparison was beautiful. Conventional knowledge for this life can also help you practice your deen as well and help you strengthen it, it's all about how you go about it really...

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