Monday, December 5, 2011

Personal 153

SubhanAllahh having Arab satellite really opens up my eyes to what is going on around that part of the world, ofcourse I love watching al-Haram, the Kaba etc but right now I'm watching these Shia people speaking about Ashoora. Their practices are just so ridiculous, the beating and so called sacrificing for Hussein ( Prophet Muhammad, sallahu alayhi wasallam's nephew) it's just all Bid'ah (Innovation)! It's really sickening to see these people act as if this is the true Islamic belief. SubhanAllah they call themselves "Sha3ab Hussein" (People of Hussein) when really everyone knows we're "Ummat Muhammad" (People of Muhammad, sallahu alayhi wasallam). May Allah guide these people to the haqq(truth), ameen. Can you believe a million people gather in Iraq for all of these rituals that take place in the time of Ashoora?! Guidance is with Allah and it just scares me how far shaytaan can take someone in his/her faith, but then again shaytaan loves an innovator more then just a sinner. A sinner understands what he/she is doing is haraam (prohibited) yet an innovator is worshiping Allah the wrong way and believes it makes them closer to Allah. . .so they'll never think it's wrong. We all honestly need to increase in Dawah for the misguided ones they are more deadly towards our religion then people who don't practice at all. May Allah guide us on the straight path, ameen !!!

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