Monday, January 7, 2013

Personal 167

asalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabaraktuhh, it amazes me how small arguments turn huge in a matter of minutes and can ultimately change our relationship with the person were fighting with. Definitely the work of Shaytaan : and ourselves. We could stop these quarrels before it breaks us and those we love subhanAllaaah I def learned that today, and in a lesson is always answer for what to do better next time, so we have to learn from that. & even though now I have somewhat of a situation on my hands it wont be long before Allaah lets it all heal by His Mercy towards his slaves. I'm not to hold grudges alhamdulilah and that's important but I hate arguing because in the very end it really ends up being about something completely irrelevant to the situation. Honestly humans make mistakes and have to face the consequences for their actions but then again it's all Qadr of Allaah, which is comforting ! So lets stop arguing cause it doesn't make anything better and instead lets just make dua and ask him to forgive us for our shortcomings.

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