Monday, May 28, 2012

Manipulative Riyaa

Al-Imaam Ibn Rajab, may Allah have mercy upon him, said when explaining the tribulations of this worldly life:

“…At this juncture; there is a decisive point which is that a person may dispraise himself in the midst of the people, while he intends by that to display that he is humble in his inner self, whereas by that he can become raised in their opinion, so they begin to praise him for it. This is from the hidden branches of riyaa’ (showing off) and the Salaf as-Saalih have warned against it.
Mutarrif bin Abdullah bin Shikheer, said:

“How sufficient it is for a person to be ascribed to al-It’raa (excessively praising oneself) by way of dispraising oneself in the public, as the reason you dispraise yourself is to actually beautify it and that (in reality) is considered to be an act

of foolishness in the sight of Allaah”

Ref: Majmoo’u Rasaa’il of Ibn Rajab ,page 77, print ‘Daarul Faaruq…’

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