Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Q & A with Toronto Sisters

Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Ramzaan reminds the audience that men are the custodians and protectors of women, a role intended to preserve their rights, dignity and wellbeing, and to be a friendly companion for them (not to abuse them). He had a Q & A session with sisters in Toronto during a conference.
May Allah preserve him and reward him, hafidullah ! Ameen
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Can you please explain how to perform the ghusl after the menstrual period ends?
Can a woman enter the masjid if she is on her menses?
Is the woman permitted to go swimming, uncovering her 'awrah?
If one enters the masjid, prays tahiyatul-masjid (rakatayn) then leaves and returns shortly, does she pray tahiyatul-masjid once again?
If a white liquid emanates from one's private part whilst praying, what should one do?
Whilst sitting, can one lay back resting on one's hands, is this haraam?
Can a diabetic inject insulin whilst fasting?
What is the right way to "feed people" for those who cannot fast (in Ramadaan)?
What is the ruling for someone who has many days to make up (from last Ramadaan) but Ramadaan is almost upon him/her again?
Is the meat here in Canada considered "Ahlul-Kitaab" or should we leave it off, doubting its origin?
Is it permissible for women to wear gold?
What is the ruling on women wearing socks during salaah?
What is the ruling on a woman who was pregnant during ramadaan (past) and did not fast, then became pregnant again the following ramadaan (also)?
Could Allaah forgive you if you commit zinaa'?
Can you give some words of advice to the sisters who struggle to wear the hijaab and the virtues of being covered?
In the jama'aah, do the people say "aameen" along with the Imaam?
Are you allowed to call Allaah, "Lord" or "God"?
What are my rights concerning the mahr (dowry), can I do whatever I like with it?
Do we read ayaatul-kursee after the obligatory salaah and the nawaafil?
Is every deviant an innovator?
What is the 'awrah of a woman amongst her sisters?
Is the niqaab sufficient a barrier between a male teacher and female students?
What age should a female cover properly?
Would a two-three hour drive be considered travelling? Exactly what (takes the ruling of travelling)?
Do you have to remove makeup when you wish to make wudhoo'?
What do you say about those people who say "we only take from the scholars of yesterday, not today"?
Does one receive a reward for making up a fast on the middle days of a month (reward for both)?
When one gets married, this is half of your religion, what about when you divorce, will you lose half of your religion?
If she has remaining blood flow (not from the menses) can she fast?
What advice do you have for the Muslim sisters about sisterhood and can you mention some of its virtues?
Who exactly are the salaf and what does it mean to up be upon the salafee path?
What are the rights of nieces and nephews over an aunt?
What are the conditions of hijaab?
Who should we take knowledge from in the West and are there any scholars (in the West)?
Does changing the diaper of a child break wudhoo'?
Can you please advise us regarding memorizing the Qur'aan?
A sister is married to a brother who never prays, is he still considered a Muslim?
What advice can a daughter give to her mother, encouraging her to wear the hijaab?

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