Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ibn al Qayyim: Meetings Between Friends

Ibn al Qayyim: Meetings Between Friends
There are two kinds of meetings between friends:

The first kind is a meeting based on sociability and spending
time, in which there are more disadvantages than
advantages, the least of which is corruption of the heart,
and wasting time.

The second kind is a meeting for the sake of supporting one
another, and recommending one another to the truth and to
patience. This is the best kind, yet there are still three
disadvantages therein,

1) Flattering each other.

2) Being excessively talkative.

3) That such meetings become a habit or routine and they
fail to achieve their aims.

In general, the result of social meetings will be derived from
the source, which is either for the soul inclined to evil, or for
the heart and the peaceful soul. If the source is good,
surely the fruit will also be good. Pure souls derive their
nature from their Lord, while evil ones derive their nature
from the devil. Hence, Allah, the Exalted and Ever Majestic,
renders good women for good men and bad men for bad

Ibn al Qayyim
AL-FAWA'ID: A Collection of Wise Sayings pgs 79-80

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