Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Personal 156

Alhamdulilah it's that time of year again where we all have to go back to school or work etc..but lets not forget that now we will become more preoccupied by the dunya that we don't forget the ahkira. For alot of us the winter break gave us more time to reflect, read and learn about our religion and to familiarize ourselves with different subjects within our religion. We all wish that our breaks/ time off was extended but in reality it can't and won't be but that doesn't mean wait until schools over to hit the Islamic books once again! Instead set up a schedule for yourself personally that you can follow and commit too, incorporate your school/work life with your seeking knowledge lifestyle all in moderation of course. Figure out ways you can increase your iman, memorize your quran or simply attending a halaqa (Islamic gathering) at least once a week. Brothers and sisters it's important we don't fall off this path of remembering Allah and seeking to be near and dear to Him. This life is a mere illusion and as beautiful it may seem don't forget about the one who created it all for us. I would advise us all to memorize new and easy Dua'as (supplications) so that we can say them where ever we are and most importantly increase in Taqwa (fearing Allah as if we see him, but we don't) this will help us all sin less and holding on to our Iman (faith). These are just some tips I wanted to share with you all, May Allah make us among his successful slaves in this life and in the next! Ameen<3

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